Comic Transcription

The Right Thing...?

Panel 1: Anise is getting ready to leave on her bike as Anpan sits in the basket.
Anise: I can't believe you broke into the vending machine...
Anpan: Anpan hungry too!

Panel 2: Having reached their destination, Anise prepares to lock her bike. Anpan is on her shoulder.
Anise: It's still not the right thing to do.

Panel 3: Anpan is now on Anise's head looking rather disappointed.
Anpan: *Sigh* Anpan return then...
Anpan drops three round pieces of food onto Anise's hand.

Panel 4:
Anise: I'll hide the evidence!
Anise happily tosses the food into her mouth. Anpan is shocked.
Anpan: HEY!

(Special thanks to Nekomikoto for the transcription!)