0216 Mister Gingerbread Man
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Mister Gingerbread Man

December 24, 2007| Permalink | Comic Archive

They're finally out of the oven! Mmmm! The smell of freshly baked gingerbread cookies brings back lots of memories, and makes a new friend for Nemu!

Comic Transcription

Mister Gingerbread Man

Panel 1: Hot, freshly baked gingerbread men cookies all lined up in 2 rows.
Kana: Ta-da! All finished!

Panel 2: Nemu holds up a gingerbread man cookie while Kana looks on with a smile
Nemu: Heyo!
Kana: ?

Panel 3: Nemu starts to walk off with the gingerbread man cookie. Kana is quite surprised!
Kana: Nemu- where are you going with the cookie?

Panel 4: Nemu turns around to tell Kana the reason as she looks bewildered.
Nemu: Mister Gingerbread Man must meet all Nemu friends!