0219 Anpan Nooo
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December 31, 2007| Permalink | Comic Archive

Nemu is always so happy to make new friends, so of course he's going to want his other pals to meet his new friend too! But is Nemu too late?!

Comic Transcription


Panel 1: Nemu is standing in front of his Henshin Flyer red wagon. Inside the wagon are his stuffed animal friends.
Nemu: Okay! Everybody ready to meet...

Panel 2: Nemu picks up the wagon steer and starts to pull the wagon
Nemu: Nemu new friend?
SFX: The wagon wheels go *sqee* *sqee*

Panel 3: Nemu with very wide eyes and a happy face gets ready to introduce his new found friend... but Anpan is in the background eating something...
Nemu: Everybody meet Mister Gingerbread-
Anpan: *munch* *munch*

Panel 4: Nemu is mortified when he realizes Anpan is eating something! Anpan is surprised by Nemu's loud exclamation!
Anpan: *mrff*?