0246 Mutiny
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February 29, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

The pups discover Anise and Kana's secret! What will Anpan and Nemu do now?

Comic Transcription


Panel 1: Anpan and Nemu are bewildered and examining two dolls
Anpan: WAT DIS?!
Nemu: Nemu dunno ~!

Panel 2: Upon closer examination, it appears to be two dog dolls dressed in pirate garb!
Anpan: Ish fake Anpan and fake Nemu!

Panel 3: Anpan angrily throws down the fake Anpan Pirate as Nemu holds onto the fake Nemu and watches on.
Anpan: Fake Anpan not gonna take Anpan's place!
Nemu: Nemu too!

Panel 4: Anpan motions to Nemu as Nemu still holds on to the fake Nemu
Anpan: No worry Nemu - Anpan fix...