0262 Guess Who
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Guess Who

April 7, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

The girls and pups enjoy spending time with Sam the Border Collie, but just who is Sam's owner? Oh... I should've known.

Comic Transcription

Guess Who

Panel 1: Kana, Anise and Sam the dog are hanging out at the park. Anpan is on Ani's head and Nemu is on Kana's lap.
Anise: Hey. I wonder where your owner is?

Panel 2: Sam starts to bark. Anise and Kana look at him quizzically.
Sam: *ARF* *BARK*

Panel 3: Anpan translates for Sam. Anise seems confused.
Anpan: Sam says Owner Pa ish coming.
Anise: Owner Pa?

Panel 4: It's Nemesis! He points at the two girls and pups across the way.
Nemesis: Hey! What're you Henshin Slowpokes doing with my dog?!
Anise: I should've known!