0264 Just Stating The Obvious
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Just Stating the Obvious

April 11, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anpan is just as real as any dog! Isn't he?! We'll show that Nemesis! Speak up Anpan!!

Comic Transcription

Just Stating the Obvious

Panel 1: Nemesis gets Anise's attention and begins to state what he really meant. Anpan is riding on Anise's head.
Nemesis: Hey- I'm just sayin' -

Panel 2: Anise holds Anpan in front of Nemesis to show him who's got a REAL dog! Nemesis is startled
Anise: Look - Our dogs are just as real as yours! Right Anpan?!

Panel 3: Nemesis stars at Anpan as Anise continues to hold him in her outstretched arms. Silence.

Panel 4:Nemesis can't control himself and starts to laugh out loud! Anise is mortified and turns around with Anpan in her hands.
Anise: What Happened? Why don't you say something?!
Anpan: Anpan ish shy!