Episode 287 - Predator


The unsuspecting little girl thinks her cookie is safe once the birds are gone... little does she realize that the predator of the forest lurks!

Comic Transcription


Panel 1: A little girl and her mom are at the park. The mother is reading a book while the little girl is trying to protect her cookie from birds that have spotted her snack. Her stuffed bunny is beside her and her red wagon is behind. But someone is watching...

Narrator: The Predator watches his prey from afar...
Little Girl: Go away birdies! This is MY cookie!
Narrator: Waiting for the right moment to strike!

Panel 2: The Little girl chases the birds away by running and waving her arms in the air...
Narrator: An opportunity arises...

Panel 3: The little girl turns excitedly knowing that now that the birds are gone, she can enjoy her cookie in peace...

Panel 4: But only returns to find that cookie is GONE!
Little Girl: Hey!

Panel 5: Anpan is snacking on a newly acquired cookie!
Anpan: Da predator of da forest ish victorious! Da predator feasts on da victory meal!
SFX: (Anpan Eating) *Nyama* Nyama* Nyama*