Episode 288 - Incentive


Whenever you want a child to come running, all you have to do is say the magic word... PIZZA!

Comic Transcription


Panel 1: Little girl is playing in the sandbox at the park as her mother is talking to her.
Mom: Honey - it's time to go - it's getting dark.
Little girl: Aw! Already?!

Panel 2: The mother folds her arms while the little girl keeps digging in the sand.
Mom: Well - if you don't want to eat dinner...
Little girl: As long as it's not that yucky green stuff.

Panel 3: The little girls eyes open wide and she turns around in excitement!
Mom: How does Pizza sound?
Little girl: REALLY?

Panel 4: The little girl tosses her shovel and bucket into her red wagon.
Little girl: Coming!

Panel 5: The mother and little girl walk off as she pulls her red wagon with toys in tow... along with a stowaway stuffed pup.
Mom: So did you have fun today?
Little girl: YUP!
Anpan: PIZZA!