Episode 289 - Into Thin Air

If you can't figure out today's comic, please read Kitsy's post from way back in May 17, 2006

Into Thin Air

Where oh where did Anpan go? Oh where oh where could he be?

Comic Transcription

Into Thin Air

Panel 1: Anise yells at the top of her lungs!
Anise: Anpan!

Panel 2: Anise looks under the bench...
Anise: Where are you?

Panel 3: Anise looks into the distance...
Anise: Here?

Panel 4: She looks into the garbage can but finds nothing...
Anise: Hello?

Panel 5 Anise turns around but Anpan is nowhere to be found!
Anise: ?

Panel 6: Anpan is sitting in the little girls red wagon and he sees Anise looking for him. The little girl is pulling the wagon and holding onto her stuffed bunny and talking to her mother.

Anise: ANPAN?!
Little girl: Mom- maybe there's a food thief. That girl lost her food... just like me!