Episode 323 - Our Saviour

Our Saviour

September 24, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anise is now the defender of all old technology. What kind of powers or weapons will the Ghost of Technology Past give to her?

Comic Transcription

Our Saviour

Panel 1: Anise is now enamored with the idea that she's the saviour of old technology.
Anise: So I'm the saviour of old technology? Now that's music to my ears!

Panel 2: Anise wields the sword of justice and strikes down evil doers!
Anise: So do I get any awesome weapons or tools to aid me on this quest? Like a sword of justice...

Panel 3: Anise cracks the lasso of persuasion!
Anise: or a lasso of persuasion?
sfx: ha ha ha *wa pak!!*

Panel 4: Anise turns to argue with the Ghost about not getting any special tools or weapons.
Ghost of Technology Past: No - jUSt YoUr wITs aNd cHarM ShAlL haVE tO SuFFiCe
Anise: ... but that's boring!