Episode 360 - Human Understanding

Human Understanding

December 17, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

It's Kana's turn! Will she be brave enough to get through her speech?

Comic Transcription

Panel 1: Nemesis taunts Kana as she nervously rises from her seat to give her speech.
Teacher: Miss Mezurashi - Your turn.
Nemesis: Break a leg - or two! heh!

Panel 2: Kana has the deer in the headlights look of fear... but calms herself.
Kana: It's time to be brave Kana! So this is what it must be like...

Panel 3: Her thoughts race as she stumbles upon a revelation!
Kana: To be a Mimpii. I think I finally understand...

Panel 4: She finally understands!
Kana: No matter how talented they may be - if they can do it, so can I... because we all have one thing in common...

Panel 5: Kana gives her speech to the class!
Kana: Fellow classmates - I can't promise you free Fro-yo or longer recess... But I can promise that I'll try my best to represent all of us!
* We're all Human. *