Episode 362 - Break A Leg

Break A Leg

December 19, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Kana finds Anise but not in the way she expected to find her.

Comic Transcription

Break A Leg

Panel 1: Kana peeks into the student infirmary.
Kana: So this is where you've been hiding... Holy Space Cow! What happened?!

Panel 2: Anise is lying on a bed with her legs in bandages. She's quite upset and shakes her fist in the air!
Anise: EPIC FAIL - That's what! I was trying to put up more signs...

Panel 3: Anise in her night cap sneaks up the stairs and puts up a poster.
Anise: I snuck in and started putting them up-

Panel 4: She then falls down the stairs!
Anise: At the top of the stairs, I lost my balance and fell -

Panel 5: Help! She fell and can't get up!
Anise: And that ruined all of my plans!

Panel 6: Kana sits next to Ani
Kana: Well at least you're in one piece! I hope you've learned your lesson!
Anise: yeah!

Panel 7: Ani knows what she'd do differently...
Anise: Next time Anpan's gonna help me put up the signs!