Episode 432 - First Rule

First Rule

June 17, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

Scout Nemu is very sad. Ranger Pan is here to remind him what the First Rule of the Pup Rangers is.

Comic Transcription

First Rule

Panel 1: Nemu looks very sad. Anpan wants to know why.
Ranger Pan: Why for Scout Nemu so sad?
Scout Nemu: Scout Nemu and Ranger Pan ish lost...

Panel 2: Poor Scout Nemu explains to Ranger Pan what's bothering him.
Scout Nemu: And Ranger Pan used all of Nemu's SECRET STASH of Jelly Yums...

Panel 3: Ranger Pan springs into action to divert Scout Nemu's sadness and correct him.
Ranger Pan: First of all- no cry babies in da Pup Scouts! ... And what da problem? SCOUT NEMU ate all da Jelly Yums anyways!

Panel 4: Scout Nemu realizes what Ranger Pan says is true...
Scout Nemu: Oh yeah! Nemu feel better now.
Ranger Pan: oh my pizza.