Episode 439 - Promoted


Ranger Pan needs to decide what to do with Mister Buns... what will be his fate?

Comic Transcription

Panel 1:
(Nemu's in shock, while Anpan's holding Mister Buns)
Nemu: NOOOOO!!! Mishter Buns no do anyting wrong!

Panel 2:
Nemu: P-Please Ranger Pan! Ish Scout Nemu fault...

Nemu: No throw Misther Buns away!

Panel 3:
(Anpan sighs.)
Anpan: Okay- Mishter Buns can be honorary Pup Scout CADET...

Panel 4:
Nemu: YAY!

Anpan: Jus' make sure Cadet Buns behaves...