Episode 563 - What A Rip Off!

What A Rip Off!

March 24, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anpan feels like he's been ripped off, but not as much as Anise does!

Comic Transcription

What A Rip Off!

panel 1: Anpan is quite upset as they walk away from the car ride.
Anpan: What a rip off!
Anise: I coulda told ya that.

panel 2: Anpan and Anise talk it out...
Anpan: Junk!
Anise: There goes my allowance!

panel 3: Until Anpan notices something...
Anise: C'mon... Let's get goin'~
Anpan: Ani wait!

panel 4: It's a space ship ride! Anpan wants to ride but Ani won't have it!
Anpan: What 'bout DAT ONE?!
Anise: Oh no you don't!