Episode 587 - Good Enough

Good Enough

Nemu asks a very important question about the mission the Henshin Pups just completed.

Comic Transcription

Good Enough

panel 1: Nemu watches the Yellow Jacket disappear into the sky.
Nemu: Anpan... Nemu gots a question...
Anpan: Eh?

panel 2: But he has a question for his buddy...
Nemu: Ish okay dat da Yellow Jacket don't come along?
Anpan: ...

panel 3: Anpan explains how he sees it...
Anpan: Ish okay, Nemu. Da Yellow Jacket ish no longer Shpace Cow's prisoner. And da Henshin Pups did a good job making Shpace Cow look bad. Dat must be GOOD ENOUGH for Henshin Rider!

panel 4: Then says:
Anpan: Besides... ISH SNACK TIME!
Nemu: Yay! SNACKS!

panel 5: The Henshin Pups speed on their way home!