Make Your Own Pizza Doodle Doo! Part 1

p1-choose-2.jpgAnpan and Nemu show you how they made the Pizza Doodle Doo! You can too!

Even if you don't have your own Anpan and Nemu plushy pups, you can still make your own Pizza Doodle Doo for your stuffed animal pals that you own. Follow these easy steps and soon you'll have a Pizza Doodle Doo of your own to play with.

First, you'll need to choose the right sized box. The best way to find out if it's the right size, is to simply see if your stuffed buddy will fit in it. Nemu and Anpan both need to fit in the box, but they don't want to be too squished or cramped either.


p5-shtuffs-2.jpgNext you'll need some supplies to customize your Pizza Doodle Doo. There are no real rules as to what you can use to customize it. Use your imagination and most of all, be creative. Anpan and Nemu chose some bottle caps and spare plastic parts they found around the house. They also found a broken computer mouse that Anise had thrown away as well as a plastic capsule toy bubble. Ask your parents to help you find things to customize your Pizza Doodle Doo. Be sure not to just take stuff! Always ask! To round things out, they also had some glue, scissors and color markers.
Microphone for Anpan?
Fun with color pens!

Oh and don't forget the aluminum foil! We'll use this to make the control panel that flys the Pizza Doodle Doo.


Anpan and Nemu fit a sheet of aluminum foil onto one of the box flaps. Once they've measured the piece, they cut it to fit the flap, then glue it down.

Next Nemu arranges some of the bottle caps and plastic stuff on top of the foil in order to make a cool looking control panel. Use your imagination and make the coolest control panel for your stuffed pal to navigate their Pizza Doodle Doo!

Once the parts are in a configuration that Anpan and Nemu like, they each help gluing the parts down. Be careful not to get glue everywhere, but it's okay if you make mistakes! Wait a few hours for the glue to dry.

On Wednesday, we'll show you how to finish up the Pizza Doodle Doo!


Make Your Own Pizza Doodle Doo! Part 1

Anpan and Nemu show you how to make the Pizza Doodle Doo in part one of this fun project!

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