Episode 695 - Apple of My Eye

Apple Of My Eye

January 28, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anise and Kana go shopping for Valentine's Day stuff.

Comic Transcription

Apple Of My Eye

panel 1: Kana and Anise take a look at the Valentine's day stuff at a store.
Anise: So what exactly are you looking for?
Kana: We'll need Valentine's Day cards and a few decorations. Just don't go overboard.... we're kinda on a budget.

panel 2: Anise takse a look at some Valentine's Day cards.
Anise: Hey Kana...

panel 3: She seems irritated at what she's found.
Anise: What's THIS?

panel 4: She reads one of the cards cheesy inscriptions.
Anise: "Apple of my eye, Orange you glad you're my Valentine?" WHO writes this stuff?!

panel 5: Kana puts some decorations into the basket...
Kana: Hm. I think these will work...
Anise: Do we REALLY have to give cards to EVERYONE?
Kana: Yes.

panel 6: Anise can't believe that they have to give cards to everyone.
Anise: Even the people we DON'T like?
Kana: YES...

panel 7: Anise can't stand the idea.
Anise: B-but- they might get the wrong idea... or something! pft.