Episode 697 - Care To Give The Very Best

Care To Give The Very Best

February 2, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Kana shows Anise how to give out Valentine's Day cards with a little help from Henshin Rider.

Comic Transcription

Care To Give The Very Best

panel 1: Kana and Anise get ready to sign some Valentine's Day cards.
Kana: Ahh~ so many pretty designs this year!
Anise: Does it really matter?

panel 2: Kana picks up one of her favorite designs.
Kana: Of course it does! Everyone gets a card, but I like to give the best cards to the people I like.

panel 3: Anise is confused.
Anise: But how do you decide who gets the best ones?

panel 4: Kana tells her to hold on...
Kana: Good question. Hold on! To help you understand...

panel 5: And comes back with a few of Ani's Henshin Rider action figures.
Kana: Let's pretend these figures are your cards.

panel 6: She explains to her how to choose which to give to whom.
Kana: For instance, you'd give HENSHIN RIDER to the pups. Wendi and Todd would get the CRIMSON SCARAB AND ANGEL FLAN ...and "you know who" would get SPACE COW.

panel 7: Anise understands.
Anise: OK. I get it...

panel 8: But doesn't like the idea!
Anise: B-but- Space Cow is TOO GOOD for someone like Nemesis!
Kana: It's just an EXAMPLE!