Episode 702 - Valentine's Day Party

Valentine's Day Party

February 14, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

The Valentine's Day party is here! Everyone has a good time... but there's just one more thing.

Comic Transcription

Valentine's Day Party

panel 1: The entire class is enjoying their Valentine's Day party! Nemesis seems bummed that there's no pizza left!

panel 2: Anise brings Kana a slice of pizza.
Anise: Here– I nabbed you as slice. I figured you'd be too busy to grab one before it was all gone!
Kana: T-thanks!

panel 3: Anise admires Kana's handy work.
Anise: I gotta say– this party is pretty rockin'! Great job!
Kana: Thanks for helping me.

panel 4: Anise has a surprise for Kana...
Anise:: So... I did my GOOD DEED FOR THE DAY!
Kana: mrf?

panel 5: She tells Kana about her good deed. Kana can't believe her ears!
Anise: I gave everyone a card this time. Including NEMESIS.
Kana: pft!

panel 6: Anise is surprised by Kana's reaction!
Anise: Whoa. You okay?
Kana: KOFF KOFF F-fine...

panel 7: Anise thinks Kana's not telling her something.
Anise: Am I missin' something?
Kana: N-no–