Episode 722 - Lotta Stuff To Learn

Lotta Stuff To Learn

April 1, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

The decision has been made. She's going to this school to learn about Ranger Star!

Comic Transcription

Lotta Stuff To Learn

panel 1: The kid can't believe that she's never heard of Ranger Star!
Kid: WHAT?! You've never heard of RANGER STAR?!

panel 2: The finger of conviction is pointed!
Kid: YOU better come to this school! Do you know WHY???
Student: N-no?

panel 3: Sensei has spoken!
Kid: Because you gotta LOTTA STUFF TO LEARN!

panel 4: The kid is so frustrated...

panel 5: She watches the kid walk away.
Kid: Gah! Hold on!

panel 6: Rummaging through the backpack to find...
Kid: I don't do this for just anyone...

panel 7: A Ranger Star Book!
Kid: Here.
Student: What's that?

panel 8: She looks at the book...
Kid: It's everything you need to know about YOUR NEW HERO!

panel 9: Then admits something.
Student: Wow. You're the NICEST BOY I've ever met!

panel 10: And says:
Student: THANK YOU!

panel 11: With a dumbfounded look on her face...
Kid: Boy?

panel 12: The kid in disbelief says:
Kid: Who ya callin' BOY?! I'M A GIRL!
Student: EH?!