Episode 745 - Mental Training

Mental Training

Nemu shows Anpan Pizzaeater the power of thinking differently.

Comic Transcription

Mental Training

panel 1: Nemu tries again.
Nemu: Ready to try again young Pupawan?

panel 2: Will Anpan try?

panel 3: Nemu looks at the paper...
Nemu: A Jedi must have da deepest commitment, da most serious mind.

panel 4: And sees something!

panel 5: Nemu sits down and starts to fold the paper.
Nemu: So certain are you.

panel 6: He folds it again.
Nemu: Always with you...

panel 7: And again...
Nemu: It cannot be done.

panel 8: Slowly...
Nemu: Hear you nothing dat I say?

panel 9: the paper transforms…
Nemu: Ish only impossible...

panel 10: In Nemu's paws!
Nemu: In your mind.

panel 11: Nemu shows his creation to a surprised Anpan!
Nemu: You must unlearn what you have learned.
Anpan: Anpan don't believe it...

panel 12: Nemu puts the hat on Anpan.
Nemu: Dat ish why you fail.