Episode 803 - The Night Talkers: Maybe this is one of the times Anise wishes her stuffed animals didn't talk.

The Night Talkers

October 7, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Nothing like decompressing after a good story!

Ah, what a week it has been. I'm getting ready for a whole series of library talks starting next week and an upcoming trip, so I have a lot of strips to complete before things get absolutely crazy.

But... the passing of Steve Jobs stopped us in our tracks on Wednesday. For someone who has been an influence on both Scott and I, I needed some time to decompress and reflect. I made a quick-ish illo this morning and an accompanying post in the nemu*gallery while Scott worked on a couple wallpapers.

He will certainly be missed in the nemu*nemu household.

Comic Transcription

The Night Talkers

panel 1: Nemu wonders as Anpan and he lay in bed.
Nemu: Anpan– where ghosts come from?
Anpan: Everywhere?

panel 2: Nemu asks Anpan
Nemu: Maybe watchin' right now?
Anpan: Anpan dunno...

panel 3: Anpan reassures Nemu that they're safe.
Anpan: But wit' good ghosts like da GHOST PIZZA RIDER, da world ish safe!
Nemu: Yah!

panel 4: Anpan suddenly has a great idea!
Anpan: Maybe Anpan'll be da Ghost Pizza Rider for HALLOWEEN dis year!

panel 5: The pups both think it's gonna be great!
Anpan: Ish gonna be EPIC!
Nemu: Yah!

panel 6: But Anise doesn't think it's that great!
Anise: HEY– QUIET! I'm tryin' to sleep!
Anpan: Shorry!