Episode 804 - Sweet Dreams: Now we know what Nemu dreams about. I wonder if he takes special requests?

Sweet Dreams

October 10, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Happy Discoverer's Day!

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Comic Transcription

Sweet Dreams

panel 1: Anpan still wants to talk about the Ghost Pizza Rider...
Anpan: Anpan wonder if da Ghost Pizza Rider ish friends wit' da Eashter Bunny or Shanta?

panel 2: But Nemu has passed out!
Anpan: Musht be hard watchin' out for all da bad ghosts...
Nemu: Z

panel 3: Anpan has wishes as he settles in.. still talking to his buddy.
Anpan: One day, Anpan'll be da Ghost Pizza Rider's side kick and share da Pizza shpoils!

panel 4: Suddenly, a donut appears to be hovering above Nemu's head!
SFX: Pop
Anpan: Wat Nemu tink?

panel 5: Anpan gets up and notices the Donuts!
Anpan: Huh?

panel 6: He can't believe they're coming out from Nemu!