Episode 811 - Appearance: Who's that lurking in the shadows? Only the Ghost Pizza Rider.. of course!


October 26, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Although we are currently away from the studio, we are going live with our latest updates!

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Comic Transcription


panel 1: Ghosts crowd around Anpan holding the pan of leftover pizza.
Pink Ghost: Ghost Pizza Rider, you say?

panel 2: One of the ghosts pokes Anpan on the head.
White Ghost: There's no such thing.
SFX: Poke!

panel 3: and tells him what they were gonna do until he opened his mouth.
White Ghost: We were gonna be nice and share, but...

panel 4: The three ghosts are a bit perturbed.
Ghosts: HRMF.

panel 5: Anpan sadly backs away...
SFX: back

panel 6: Until he steps into... something?

panel 7: Anpan turns around and finds...
Anpan: Huh?

panel 8: The Ghost Pizza Rider is among them!