Episode 812 - Don't Steal! ...or your heart will turn blacker thant BLACK!

Don't Steal

October 28, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

We're still away from the studio, but thanks so much for all the birthday wishes! The pups, Scott and I had a nice trip to Disneyland. XD

Also! Don't miss out on our custom gelaskin pre-order! We will be closing up sales and making the order on November 5th, when we return. It is likely that we will NOT be stocking these in our shop, aside from a couple of the usual Apple devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, maybe a couple iPad) so if you want one for your Droid, Tablet, gaming console or device, etc -- now is the time to place your order!

Have a great weekend! Hope everyone's ready for Halloween! :D

Comic Transcription

Don't Steal

panel 1: The Ghost Pizza rider has a showdown with the three ghosts.
Ghost Pizza Rider: Infidels! Thou shall not steal!

panel 2: He holds out his hand...
Ghost Pizza Rider: Pizza.

panel 3: and then makes a fist!
Ghost Pizza Rider: Come!

panel 4: The pizza pan flies out of the ghosts hands...
SFX: Woosh!

panel 5: and lands on Anpan's paws!
SFX: Plop!

panel 6: The Ghost Pizza Rider presses a button on his helmet.
Ghost Pizza Rider: There's a special place for those who steal pizza.

panel 7: and his visor opens up to reveal a darkness that is darker than dark!
Ghost Pizza Rider: ... and that's where you are going!

panel 8: The ghosts tremble in fear!
Ghosts: N-noooooo

panel 9: and they get sucked into the Ghost Pizza Riders helmet!

panel 10: Anpan is so happy!
Anpan: Dat was AWESHOME!
Ghost Pizza Rider: Thanks Lil' Buddy!