Episode 813 - Free Spirited: Ghost Pizza Rider: He takes payment in Pizza!

Free Spirited

October 31, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Greetings all from NorCal and a Happy Halloween!

Did you folks know it's also Ani's birthday? :D I suppose you can say she doesn't exactly "age" in our comic, but we feel birthdays should still be celebrated!

We are down to the last week of our gelaskins pre-order! Don't miss out on getting a custom skin made for your tech device! It's unlikely they will be stocked for our shop.

We'll be back in the studio at the end of the week and all regular shop orders will be shipped then. Thanks so much for your patience! :D

Comic Transcription

Free Spirited

panel 1: The Ghost Pizza Rider waves his arm and opens his helmet... and the pan of pizza floats toward him.
Ghost Pizza Rider: I'll take care of that for you.

panel 2: The entire pizza disappears into Ghost Pizza Riders helmet!

panel 3: and hands the pan back to Anpan.
SFXL *click*
Anpan: !

panel 4: Anpan looks at the empty pan...
Anpan: But...

panel 5: and yells

panel 6: The Ghost Pizza Rider begins to walk away...
Anpan: Wat 'bout SHTEALING?!

panel 7: But turns to address Anpan's complaint.
Ghost Pizza Rider: Hey buddy- That's not stealing. It's PAYMENT.

panel 8: And explains....
Ghost Pizza Rider: I don't work for FREE you know.

panel 9: Anpan can't believe what he just witnessed!!