Episode 820 - Snack Pack

Snack Pack

November 25, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Undeterred, Nemu continues on his journey~

Sorry for the late update -- I've come down with a cold and although the comic was ready last night, I was out cold. D: Thanks for your patience!

We also have our event going on this weekend at the Neal Blaisdell Center! Today from 4-9pm, tomorrow from 10 to 9pm, and Sunday from 10 to 5pm!

More info at the nemu*blog!

Comic Transcription

Snack Pack

panel 1: Into a pile of leaves Nemu falls!

panel 2: What happend Nemu wonders...

panel 3: Then Nemu's sandwich falls on his head!

panel 4: Hmmm.. whats this string Nemu wonders..
Nemu: ?

panel 5: Nemu gives it a firm tug...

panel 6: And down comes the kite!

panel 7: Nemu puts the sandwich onto the kite.

panel 8: Then takes it apart to make a stick and a lunch pack...

panel 9: Nemu sings a happy song and he's on his way...