Episode 819 - Drop Out

Drop Out

November 23, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Sometimes being a good samaritan doesn't always pan out the way one expects...

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We've been hustling and bustling to get everything together for this weekend's show at the Neil Blaisdell Center. We have some big announcements to make, so please stay tuned. :3

Comic Transcription

Drop Out

panel 1: Nemu tries to share his sandwich with the little chicks.

panel 2: But what he didn't know was that the Mama bird was guarding them.

panel 3: And startles Nemu by squawking loudly and flapping her wings!
Bird: SQUAWK!!

panel 4: Nemu loses his balance on the branch and flips off with his sandwich flying in the air!
Nemu: Whoopsy!

panel 5: Nemu apologizes as he falls off the branch...
Nemu: Shorry~!