Episode 851 - Truck of Sorrow

Truck of Sorrow

February 17, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

... and today, we look at just how this mystery all started for Ani.

(As a note to our long-time readers, these stories take place -before- the Toasty events. :D )

Hope some of you have a nice three-day weekend (with presidents' day on Monday for US readers)! Will any of -you- be chasing ice cream trucks?

Comic Transcription

Truck of Sorrow

Panel 1: Anise begins recalls when she was small... Her dad tucked her in and told her a story.
Anise: When I was younger, Pa would tell me about the Wonderful Ice Cream truck... He claimed it would bring all good children the BESTEST ICE CREAM IN THE WORLD. I still remember his exact words...
Pa: When you hear the music… it's ICE CREAM TIME! One day, you'll hear the music. It's gonna be great. Trust me. Now go to sleep.
Anise: At night, I would dream of that Ice Cream truck and all the wonderful treats it had JUST FOR ME!

Panel 2: Anise suddenly hears the music!
Anise: Then, one hot sunny day… I heard the music!

Panel 5: Ani runs down the stairs with Mr. Buns.
Anise: I ran as fast as I could!

Panel 4: Anise arrives outside but realizes...
Anise: But…

Panel 5: Anise is left alone outside…
Anise: It was no where to be found. Each time I heard the music, I ran! Over and over I was fooled. No! BETRAYED! To this day, I have NEVER seen that PHANTOM ICE CREAM TRUCK.

Panel 6: Anise has a cow while Kana and the pups look on.
Kana: Ummm. Don't you live on the 5th floor?
Anpan: Maybe Ani was a bad kid!