Episode 853 - Ice Cream Wishes

Ice Cream Wishes

February 22, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anpan and Nemu ponder the possibilities of the ice cream truck... and come to some pretty amazing conclusions....

Have any of you had those memories as a child -- when adults attempt to explain a place or thing, and your imagination is far better than reality?

One such experience for me was, believe it or not, COSTCO.

Costco just arrived in Hawaii and it was only open via membership thru referral (this was the late 1980s, BTW.) My family used to go on beach picnics with my extended relatives on my mom's side of the family and my uncle was describing the breadth and depth of Coscto. From his description, it sold anything and everything -- SUPER SIZED. When I asked even cars, he said "yes" -- and that totally blew my mind. Could not even imagine how all of that fit in one store.

Perhaps you can say I was somewhat impressed, but underwhelmed when my family and I went for the very first time.

Imagination can be so much better than reality.

... but I digress~ <3

Comic Transcription

Ice Cream Wishes

panel 1: Nemu rubs his tummy as his snack meter runs lower.
Anpan: Wow! Da Phantom Ice Cream Truck sounds cool!
Nemu: YEAH!

panel 2: The pups imagine what the ice cream truck looks like. It's literally a truck made of ice cream!
Nemu: Wat kinda treats Anpan tink da Phantom Ice Cream truck gots?
Anpan: All kinds! Anpan bet it gots EVERY ICE CREAM IN DA WORLD!

panel 3: Nemu gets excited jus thinking about it.
Anpan: Yups!
Nemu: OhhhhH~ Sounds soooo GOOD!

panel 4: Anpan ponders what it's like to drive the ice cream truck...
Anpan: Driving da truck must be da BESTEST JOB IN DA WORLD!
Nemu: Ish just like SHANTA AT CHRISHYMAS!

panel 5: Suddenly, Santa Claus appears on the ice cream truck with a reindeer at the wheel!

panel 6: The pups agree that Santa must be the driver!
Anpan: Maybe ish true! Wat else Shanta gots to do for da rest of da year?
Nemu: Wao!