Demonstration of Power

That's some power you've acquired Yellow Jacket!

Okay folks! A few big announcements!

1) We are heading to Fanime as of this afternoon! Find us in the Dealer's Room, Booth #519 -- same space as last year! I have a few new items up for sale, as detailed in my blogpost!

2) We are extremely low on stock on Nemu hats, Nemu plush, Awake Pollo and some pins and charm designs, so I've remove them from the site as we are likely to sell out of our stock over the weekend. I don't know if/when we will restock these items, so if you would like to order any of the above mentioned items, please email us and I'll invoice you. First come, first served!

3) We will be away for about a week, but we will keep updating! Stay tuned for the next thrilling installment! :D

Comic Transcription

Demonstration of Power

panel 1: The Yellow Jacket's wings vaporize all of the falling debris!

panel 2: Scarab can't believe what she sees!
Crimson Scarab: WHOA

panel 3: Cicada is stunned by the strength of her sisters powers.
Cyan Cicada: Such power!

panel 4: Yellow Jacket is exhausted...
Yellow Jacket: I-I think we're in the clear... huff huff huff

panel 5: And the crisis is averted in the blink of an eye!
Yellow Jacket: Are you two okay?
Crimson Scarab: That's some power you've acquired lil sis...