Show of Force

June 20, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Even Yellow Jacket is surprised at how powerful she's become! Poor Natto Bug.

By the way, in case anyone is keeping track, today's comic is number 900 for us! That may not sound like a lot but for us, it's hard to believe we've done that many already.

Comic Transcription

Show of Force

panel 1: Natto Bug has Yellow Jacket in his grip.
Yellow Jacket: I've come to far for this to be the end...
Yellow Jacket: I think you better...

panel 2: Suddenly... a strange power beings to eminate out of her...
Yellow Jacket: Time to see what this sphere can do...
Yellow Jacket: Let... Me...

panel 3: With a burst of power, she destroys Natto Bugs arms!
Yellow Jacket: GO!

panel 4: Not expecting the surge of power, Yellow Jacket is stunned! Space Cow reacts quickly and slams on a control panel! Natto Bug is in shock!
Yellow Jacket: The sudden, unexpected release of energy left me stunned.
Natto Bug: MY ARMS!
Space Cow: Such power-- but HOW?!

panel 5: A containment field appears around Yellow Jacket and Natto Bug falls over. Space Cow give Yellow Jacket a round of applause.
Yellow Jacket: Space Cow used that opportunity to re-engage the sphere inhibitor.
Space Cow: A brave show of force, indeed! But now you're just a big in a jar.
Yellow Jacket: This time, there was no escape.