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Yellow Jacket isn't the only one with tricks up her sleeve!

Comic Transcription


panel 1: Yellow Jacket plucks a few of her flash bombs off of her jacket.
Yellow Jacket: I walked into a trap.
Space Cow: So glad you could join our little party!
Yellow Jacket: Thanks for the welcome!
SFX: *pluck*

panel 2: And throws them onto the floor to create a distraction... unfortunately she doesn't realize someone is behind her.
Yellow Jacket: But I had a few tricks up my sleeve.
Yellow Jacket: ...But I don't plan to stay!
Yellow Jacket: Unfortunately for me, so did Space Cow...

panel 3: Metal arms surround her...
Yellow Jacket: AH?!

panel 4: And lift her up above the ground! It's Space Cow's minion... Natto Bug!
Yellow Jacket: NATTO BUG! You stinker!
Natto Bug: Got her, boss!

panel 5: Yellow Jacket is captured!
Space Cow: But I INSIST, Agent Yellow Jacket.
Yellow Jacket: GRR-