Episode 909 - New Record

New Record

August 17, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

And now for the return of a familiar face! (I know we have a few T. Katsuya fans out there~ ♥)

For those not familiar, he made his first (official) appearance a couple years back in the Henshin Expo chapter. (You can start reading it here~!)

Also! Reminder! I'll be hosting a workshop table at the Honolulu Museum of Art this Sunday from 11 to 3pm for Manga Madness! It's a free event and there's a lot of activities going on!

For more info, check out the blog post! Hope to see some of you there~! :D

Comic Transcription

New Record

panel 1: He puts the pizza together...
Worker 1: Just think! It's our very first real job!
Worker 2: If you can call helping our uncle a REAL JOB.

panel 2: and carries it to the oven...
Worker 2: I don't know how I let you talk me into this...

panel 3: but notices something happening outside.
Worker 2: Huh? He's back? Didn't he just leave a little while ago with FIVE deliveries?
Worker 1: That must be a new record!

panel 4: In walks T. Katsuya!
T. Katsuya: Hey guys! Got any new deliveries for me?

panel 5: The two boys light up!
Worker 1: Well, the best part of the job is we get to hang out with Katz!
Worker 2: H-he's the coolest!

panel 6: and wave hello!
Boys: HI KATZ!