Episode 910 - Piece of Pie

Piece of Pie

August 20, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Order's up, but there's a catch!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our tables at the Honolulu Museum of Art's "Manga Madness" this past Sunday! It was busy for us from start to finish, but we all had a fun time! All the kids were troopers for braving the sun (and wind) in the back courtyard.

My activity was to create your own pup using a template I created specially for the event. (You can grab the zipped files here and try it out for yourself! -- There are 2 versions, one with eye templates and one without.)

Here are some of my samples to get the party started: (You can click on it to see the full "cheat sheet")

And here are some of the shots I managed to take during the day~ :3

(There were lots of lil' girls there too -- I just didn't have a chance to take their photos. T_T;; Sorry!)

There were a lot of cute and creative costume designs~ I'm glad the activity was so well received!

Next event will be in mid-late September, so keep an eye on the nemu*blog for more info!

Comic Transcription

Piece of Pie

panel 1: T. Katsuya leans against his helmet.
Worker 1: Done already?!
T. Katsuya: It was a piece of pie!

panel 2: The boys chat with him through the kitchen.
Worker 2: AHAHAHA!! It's CAKE, Katz! Not PIE!
T. Katsuya: ...But don't we work at a pizza joint? Pizza... pies... get it?

panel 3: They toss him his next order through a paper airplane.
Worker 1: Uh... best leave the jokes to us... here's your next set of deliveries!
T. Katsuya: Thanks!

panel 4: He takes a look...
...Huh? Just one? You guys know I can do more...

panel 5: The boys explain...
Worker 2: Yeah... but this order is kinda out in the boonies.
Worker 1: Even with your SUPER SPEED, by the time you make the delivery the other orders'll get cold.

panel 6: T. Katz takes a look at the pizzas and is surprised at what he sees.
T. Katsuya: If you insist! ... Hey, is this FRIED RICE on this pizza?\