Episode 911 - Totally Gross

Totally Gross

August 22, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Fried Rice? Or Fly Lice? Hrmm... Something smells fishy here.

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Comic Transcription

Totally Gross

panel 1: The boys tell T. Katsuya all about the strange order they received.
Mayer: Yeah... he insisted they ordered FLY LICE though. TOTALLY GROSS...
Mackenzie: ...but I swear that's what they said!!

panel 2: Katz seems distracted...
Mayer: NOT!
Mackenzie: YES!
Mayer: NOT!

panel 3: but quickly snaps out of it...
Mayer: Katz... is everythin' okay?
T. Katsuya: Yeah... just thinking.
Mackenzie: Sorry for fightin~
T. Katsuya: Don't worry about it!

panel 4: He puts the pizzas into the carry case...
T. Katsuya: I better not keep our customers waiting...
SFX: Pull!

panel 5: And runs off with them!
T. Katsuya: Be ready with that next batch of deliveries!

panel 6: The boys cheer him on!
Boys: YOU BET!

panel 7: Mayer still thinks this is the best job ever!
Mackenzie: SEEEEEE! Isn't this the bestest summer job ever?!
Mayer: Get back to work...