Episode 974 - Captain's Chair

Captain's Chair

February 7, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Maybe Enchilada's been watching a little too much Star Trek: The Next Generation. :3

It took Scott and me about a year and a half to get through all 7 seasons on TNG (and the movies). We'd watch episodes on Netflix during our meals together... so yeah, it took a while.

We recently started on DS9 (Deep Space 9) and are currently mid-way through season 2. I miss the TNG characters (and from what I understand Worf makes an appearance later. :3) but am enjoying the different kinds of stories being told.

And before I let you go for the weekend -- we're down to 7 copies left of Volume 4 in the shop, with no plans to reprint~!

Comic Transcription

Captains Chair

panel 1: Enchilada commands Worf to fire!
Enchilada: Mishter Worf! Fire da torpedoes!

panel 2: He speaks to the Chief Engineer...
Enchilada: Geordi! Need more power to da aft shields!

panel 3: Get's a status report...
Enchilada: Mishter Data! REPORT!

panel 4: Then plots a course...
Enchilada: Ensign! Plot a course to Jalma V- Warp factor six!

panel 5: He finally gives the word!
Enchilada: ENGAGE!

panel 6: But is interrupted by...
Stylist: *Ahem* Are you read for your haircut?

panel 7: Ah! There we go... that's what we were waiting for!
Enchilada: MAKE IT SHO!