Episode 984 - Taking Leave

Taking Leave

March 4, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

And we come to the end of a month-long stint of Enchilada Adventures. :3 He sure is a handful, isn't he? ^^;

* * *

Also for those who missed it - Happy Girls Day!

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Comic Transcription

Taking Leave

Panel 1: Enchilada picks up his hat.
Enchilada: I cannot stay in da past much longer. Enchilada must return to da FUTURE! Remember to bring me cupcake everyday and you'll save da planet.

Panel 2: Dudley and Enchilada wave at each other!
Enchilada: Stay young and gullible, Dudley! Don't ever change!
Dudley: I'll do my best! Thanks for sharing secrets from the future!

Panel 3: The door slams shut.
SFX: slam!

Panel 4: Dudley stands there thinking...
Dudley: Gullible?