Episode 987 - My Dad is From Outer Space

My Dad is From Outer Space

March 11, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Childhood is so full of firsts. :3

* * *

Happy Monday! It's the week of Kawaii Kon! Not sure how many of you we'll catch there, but I'll be busy prepping all week. I'll be manning the booth in the dealer's room (more or less solo) on Friday while Scott handles the Mid-Pac Institute Ho'olaule'a. I also have a panel on Sunday from 1-2pm talking about this webcomics business thing I do. :3

EDIT: Posted! More info will be posted at the blog sometime later on Monday with maps and the like. :D

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Comic Transcription

P1: Anise begins the tale…
Anise: When I was younger, Pa would always tell me that he was from ANOTHER PLANET and was forced to adopt me. Of course I NEVER believed him…

P2: A younger Anise spots her dad as she passes through the hallway. Her dad pops a piece of gum into his mouth.
Anise: Until that one day when I saw him do something amazing…
SFX: Pop!

P3: Dad begins to chew the gum as Anise watches around the corner.

P4: Pa is starting to blow a bubble. Anise pokes her head around the corner and sees it.

P5: The bubble gets bigger. Anise’s eyes get bigger!
Anise: *gasp*

P6: Anise comes up to her father who is surprised that she was watching him.
Anise: H-how did you do THAT?!? It’s true! YOU REALLY ARE FROM ANOTHER PLANET!