Episode 988 - Alien Technology

Alien Technology

March 13, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Ah, parents... ^^;

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Comic Transcription

Alien Technology

P1: Dad holds a piece of gum in front of Anise’s face.
Dad: THIS is alien technology.

P2: Anise opens her hands to the "Quamdar".
Dad: On my home planet, we call it “Quamdar”.

P3: Anise points out that the package says something else.
Ani: But why does it YUMMA-BUBBA?

P4: Dad makes up a story about why the label says something different.
Pa: Um… it’s a code name we aliens came up with so humans would eat it.
Ani: Huh?

P5: Anise unwraps the gum.
Pa: Nevermind! Just give it a try.

P6: Anise puts it in her mouth.

P7: And starts to chew.
Ani: MMMmmMM QUAMDAF iff gooof!
SFX: *chew* *chew*