Episode 989 - Special Occasions

Special Occasions

March 15, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Who else did this as a kid? XD;;

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Aloha Friday everyone~ Kawaii Kon starts for us here in Hawaii today! As excited as I am for the show, I'm also kinda overwhelmed with a cold... so I may not be able to get to Monday's comic until after the show. So, expect a delay in the next update and my daily sketches.

I'll have all my usual goodies for the show, as well as a number of original art pieces you may or may not have seen as part of my daily sketches in the blog. :3

Let's hope this cold clears by Saturday! Have a great weekend, everyone!

Comic Transcription

Special Occasions

P1: Dad warns Anise about telling Mom. Anise nods her head in agreement.
Pa: Don’t tell your mom I told you about QUAMDAR. You know how she gets when she hears me telling you about the HOME PLANET.
Ani: It’ll be OUR SECRET, Pa!

P2: He puts the gum pack into his desk drawer which has a lot more and closes it.
Pa: We should only enjoy Quamdar on special occasions. Let's hide it in here so it's safe.
Anise: Good idea!

P3: Pa leaves the room and Ani runs after him...

P4: But Anise gets an idea…
Anise: Hmmm. Special occasions.

P5: And opens the drawer after he leaves takes a couple of gum packs out of the drawer.
Ani: Like school!