Episode 998 - Wake Up To Joy

Wake Up To Joy

April 8, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Waking up to Joy!

(BTW - this was an ad blurb used at McDonald's for their breakfast meals a handful of years back. Scott was waiting to pick up his order when a man next to him ordered the "Wake Up to Joy". The server had no clue what he was talking about until he pointed to the sign. We still chuckle about it. XD;)

Anyhoo! One week left to put in your order for our new gelaskins!


Comic Transcription

Wake Up To Joy

panel 1: Mr. and Mrs. Kurobu sit down to morning coffee.
Mom: There are GUM WRAPPERS all over the house.
Dad: Well it wasn't me. It was YOUR daughter.

panel 2: Dad is getting an earful.
Mom: Ever since YOU introduced Anise to gum, it's been nothing but trouble...
Dad: OK OK , I'll have a talk with her.

panel 3: Mom is quite upset, but suddenly...
Mom: NO, I think I'll do the talking from now on, ALIEN MAN.
Anise: G'mornin' Ma and Pa!
Dad: Eep.

panel 4: Anise appears with a head of messed up hair!
Dad: Whoa.