Episode 1003 - Sky Fall

Sky Fall

April 19, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Oh lookie! The sky is falling... Again!

* * *

Hey Gelaskins peeps! It looks like we just got the shipping notice this afternoon, so if all goes well, I'll be getting the order in early next week! :D

Comic Transcription

Sky Fall

panel 1: Anpan is quite upset.
Anpan: Who needs Nemu and dat stoopid sailing team.

panel 2: He starts to reason...
Anpan: One day, Anpan gonna have TONS OF FRIENDS. Even MORE than Nemu gots! Anpan gonna have so many friends...

panel 3: and comes to the conclusion...
Anpan: There will be NO TIME FOR NEMU!

panel 4: that he's gonna have more friends.
Anpan: Then Nemu ish gonna be shorry! Yep. Uh huh.

panel 5: Then out of no where something hits him!