Episode 1004 - Crash Landing Part 2

Crash Landing Part 2

April 22, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

A familiar story... with an unfamiliar fellow... Hrmm.

* * *

Good news for Gelaskins folks! If all goes well, I should have everyone's order in hand sometime tomorrow and shipped off soon after! I'm looking forward to them as much as you guys~! ♥

Comic Transcription

Crash Landing Part 2

panel 1: Anpan and whatever crashed into him lie on the grass in a daze.

panel 2: Anpan sits up... the creature next to him stirs...
Anpan: Ugh…
Bird: Oh my…

panel 3: Anpan and the bird look at each other for a brief second.

panel 4: Then scream in terror!
Anpan: GYAH!