Episode 1006 - Turkey


April 26, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anpan is pretty fervent about saving those turkeys on Sankiesgivings. It's not every day you have a chance to meet one -- sort of. :D

* * *

We're a couple weeks out from my only away-from-home show of the year -- the Toronto Comic Arts Festival held at the Toronto Reference Library on May 11-12! It's a free event, so if you're in the area, I encourage you to come -- if you're an avid comics readers (and not necessarily of the Marvel/DC kind) the list of guests are amazing.

Because this is an "overseas" show for me, I'll have a very limited amount of merchandise along for the ride. Let me know ahead of time if there's something specific you'd like me to bring from the shop.

Meanwhile, one week left on the t-shirt group order!

Comic Transcription


panel 1: The Vulture is quite offended by Anpan's question.
Anpan: Umm… ish birdie a TURKEY?
Vulture: EXCUSE ME?!

panel 2: Anpan tries to explain himself.
Anpan: Well… Anpan never seen a real turkey before. Anpan ish always looking out for da turkeys! 'Specially on Sankiesgiving!

panel 3: But the Vulture isn't having any of it!
Vulture: What on earth are you yammering on about? I'm a VULTURE.
Anpan: Ish a vulture the same as a BIRDIE?

panel 4: Anpan is now intrigued by the vulture's response.
Vulture: Yes, except that vultures are also GENIUSES.
Anpan: Oooh! Anpan never met a genius before!