Episode 1007 - Bird of Prey

Bird of Prey

April 29, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Finally! Vachel introduces himself! :D

Some of you are already familiar with this vulture from fellow webcomic "Little Dee" - he's visiting the nemu*nemu world for the duration of this story with permission (and input!) from Chris Baldwin himself!

(Thanks Muzhik for the link!)

I encourage you guys to go and check it out~ They're brilliantly-written comic strips. In fact, go and buy his books because they're the best way to read these comics, hands down. ♥

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Comic Transcription

Bird of Prey

panel 1: The vulture explains who he is and...
Vachel: The name is Vachel. I am a Vulture. The SMARTEST of the sky! The KING of ALL birds! A bird of PREY!

panel 2: what he does!
Vachel: Vultures eat 'em ALL. Healthy? Dead? Innocent? Guilty? It's all snacks to us!

panel 3: Anpan feels a bit queezy after what he just heard.
Vachel: shlurp!
Anpan: Yech. Dats REALLY gross!!

panel 4: Vachel mistakes this for jealousy, but Anpan sets him straight!
Vachel: I'm not surprised. Jealousy tends to bring out that kind of negative reaction.
Anpan: No! I means it! Dats REALLY GROSS!