Episode 1019 - Unlikely Fan

Unlikely Fan

Vachel gets a Henshin Rider primer. :D

* * *
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Comic Transcription

Unlikely Fan

panel 1: Henshin Rider fights evil!
Vachel: So let me get this straight... This Henshin Rider guy is the hero. He's part man, part machine and is powered by the sun.
Anpan: Yup.

panel 2: Space Cow is evil!
Vachel: And his arch-enemy looks like a PIG but his name is Space COW.
Anpan: Yup.

panel 3: Yellow Jacket, Crimson Scarab and Cyan Cicada make their appearance.
Vachel: And then there's a group of bug sisters that aren't friends with either of them.
Anpan: Yup.

panel 4: Vachel is knitting while Anpan sits next to him.
Vachel: The premise is completely insane, it doesn't make any sense!

panel 5: Turns out Vachel likes it!
Vachel: I love it.