Episode 1020 - Scavenge


Time to scavenge for some food! I seem to do this on a daily basis... o_o;;

* * *

Happy Friday! We've survived another week and low-and-behold, we're already into June and what some call the beginning of their summer holidays. :3

Now that I've finally settled back into a regular work schedule post-TCAF, I made some time to scan the original art that didn't sell at the show and quietly added it to the nemu*shop.

First come, first served -- I can easily combine shipping if you'd like to purchase more than one thing. Just contact us~!

Also, Pup Fiction has been added to the nemu*digital shop~!

Have a great weekend! ♥

Comic Transcription


Panel 1: Vachel's stomach makes a sound.

Panel 2: Vachel declares! Anpan is afraid!
Vachel: Well, I guess it's time to scavenge for food!
Anpan: Ah- ah... S-SCAVENGE?!?

Panel 3: Vachel is in the kitchen, rummaging through the fridge.
Vachel: Let's see what you got here. Packages of instant ramen, two hot dogs, an egg, an onion and a can of tomato sauce. Slim pickings.

Panel 4: Vachel thinks while Anpan apologizes.
Anpan: Shorry. Dat's all gots.
Vachel: Hmmm. I think I can cook something with these ingredients.

Panel 5: Anpan has stars in his eyes!
Anpan: Vulture can COOKS?! WAO!
Vachel: One must learn these things, since decomposing antelope isn't always on hand.