Episode 1026 - Stuffed Egg

Stuffed Egg

June 14, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Buns, what a charmer. :D

Happy Aloha Friday, folks! New wallpaper coming up this weekend!

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Comic Transcription

Stuffed Egg

Panel 1: Vachel is sitting in the clothes hamper. Anpan hands him Mr. Buns
Anpan: Dis ish Mishter Buns.
Vachel: Mr. Buns?

Panel 2: He holds him up in the air over his head by one leg.
Vachel: What do i look like, I'm 2 years old? This is ridiculous! And just look at that pathetic thing.

Panel 3: Vachel twirls buns into the air.
Vachel: A stuffed egg! Named Buns.

Panel 4: He stares at Mr. Buns
Vachel: How utterly…

Panel 5: and gives it a hug.
Vachel: Adorable!